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Broken Sewer Pipe Repairs
This Pipe Was Corroded And In Need Of Replacement.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

When a sewer line is causing you issues you need to call a professional for help.  Using high tech camera equipment our technicians can diagnose the problem with your sewer lines and then we’ll be able to recommend the right repair options for you.

Superior Plumbing, Drain, & Sewer LLC is a full service sewer and drain company based out of Melbourne Florida and serving the surrounding area.  We have the specializes camera equipment to complete sewer and drain line camera inspections.  If you’re having problems with your drain system our experienced technicians will be able to identify the problem using the latest technology and provide you with options for a good quality repair.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

There can be a number of reasons your sewer line has failed.  Here are a few of the failures we most commonly see with our customers sewer pipes.

  • Tree roots getting into the pipes through joints, cracks, or holes.
  • Heavy construction or earth movements close to or over your sewer lines.
  • Inferior materials failing like clay or orangeburg piping.
  • Buildup of sludge, grease, hair, debris, or other foreign objects.
  • Corrosion of cast iron piping.
  • Cracked or collapsed PVC sewer lines.

How Do We Repair Broken Sewer Lines?

Our experienced technicians can repair all types of sewer lines including cast iron, clay, and PVC.  The first step to any sewer line repair is usually a camera inspection of the affected line so we can get a real time live video feed of your sewer line.  This allows us to see the problem up close and also allows us to come up with the best repair solution.  This isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds.

If the affected line is your sewer lateral coming from the city sewer system to your home or building it’s usually a pretty straight run of pipe and fairly easy to inspect.  If the affected pipes are sewer or drain lines located within your home, in a concrete slab, or even a commercial building then it can be more difficult.

Trenchless Pipe Line Being Prepared For Installation
Properly marking and preparing a pipe liner for insertion into the host pipe.

These Are The Methods Of Sewer And Drain Line Repair We Use:

Depending on the complexity of the lines being repaired, there are different repair options we can turn to that will be more effective than another.

Rather than dig up your yard and driveway or tear up the finished surfaces in your home or building we usually always recommend a “trenchless” method of pipe repair first.  If after a camera inspection we determine a trenchless method is the way to go, we have a few different options available.  The complexity of your sewer or drain system will be the deciding factor as to which method will be the best fit for your situation.

Inversion Pipe Repair:  Inversion pipe relining is one of the most common methods of trenchless repair.  It involves impregnating a flexible pipe lining with a specially formulated resin or epoxy.  The liner is then pushed into the damaged pipe using compressed air.  During the insertion the new liner is actually inverted (or pulled inside out) so the resin is now on the outside of the liner.  When the liner is then filled with air it conforms to the inside of the existing “host” pipe and presses the epoxy into place.  The epoxy resin bonds with the existing pipe wall and cures itself into a brand new seamless pipe.

Pull In Place Pipe Repair:  Pull-in place is also an epoxy liner system but it’s better suited for sewer and drain pipes that have many 45° and 90° angles or junctions.  It can be used to repair entire runs of pipe or just small sections, offering more flexibility.  An epoxy-saturated felt liner is pulled into place where the pipe is leaking.  Two small access points are needed to pull the liner into place.  One access point is used to feed the liner into the pipe and the other is used to pull it through.  Once the liner is in place we fill it with compressed air so it takes on the shape of the existing pipe and it then can be cured in place into a seamless new pipe.

Pipe Coating Repair:  This method of repair is the ideal method for sewer lines and drain pipes that have many bends, or T and Y connections but they are much smaller diameter pipe.  If you have 1″-2″ diameter piping that is leaking and it’s within your flooring or in your walls and not easily accessed without tearing up finished surfaces then this is an excellent choice.

Several Signs You May Need A Broken Sewer Or Drain Pipe Repaired

  • You are smelling sewer odors in your home or yard.
  • Continual sewage backups in every sink or drain (not just one).
  • You have received unusually higher than normal water bills.
  • You can hear strange noises or gurgling come from sinks or toilets.
  • Pooling water in your yard above or near sewer and drain lines.

If you need your sewer or drain pipe repaired due to corrosion, cracks, or a break in the pipe somewhere on your property or inside of your building give us a call (321) 421-5066 or fill out our online form and well get right back to you.

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